A while ago I thought it’d be a great idea to spend a long weekend camping in the New Forest with my 3 year-old Little’un, and my manicure & hair-straightener loving wife.  That weekend has now arrived, and I’m wondering what the ‘great’ bits will be…

Unless I break early from cabin-fever I’ll be back at e-mails on Tuesday 6th August so please be patient; otherwise if you’ve got something urgent that can be answered by another pharmacist then please call Nikki on x.

Pity the fool…



Please don’t judge me, but I’ve abandoned my wife & child and headed off to Cornwall to see friends, catch some sun, drink beer and watch Eddie Izzard perform at the Eden Project.

I’ll be back on Wednesday 5 June but probably won’t get to e-mails until Friday.If you need a response before then please contact my PA Linda who will redirect your query accordingly.






If time flies when you have fun then I must be having a blast because I can’t believe that my little girl is now three years old.

However I’ve double-checked her birth certificate and it’s true, so we’re all off on holiday to celebrate by whizzing down water slides, running through forests and eating copious amounts of chocolate cake.

I’m back on Monday 12th but probably won’t get to my e-mails until Wednesday 13th; if you’re contacting me about a SCH matter but need a response sooner then please contact our PA Linda on xxxx. Otherwise please be patient and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.